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Considering how much the washer has turned into an important appliance, a broken washing machine is definitely a drawback that requires immediate attention. Clothes start to pile up and the unwanted trips to the laudromat or family and friends to use their working washer.

That doesn' have to be the case with you. We provide the best and most affordable washer repair service in Wichita. You sacrificed a lot of money to purchase a good washing machine, a washer that can give you the kind of service you need, and for a long time. Somehow, it has started developing minor complications, for example, it won't drain water, it's not spinning, it's leaking, it's unusually noisy, or even worse; it won't start. Doesn't matter if it's front load or top load, Maytag, Whirlpool, Kenmore or Bosch we can service them all. Give us a call (316) 512-3434 and you'll be seperating your light from your dark clothes again in no time.

Tips To Maintain Your Washer

Check out our DIY washer repair solutions. If you need our assistance call (316) 512-3434.

  • Washer Not Spinning

    This could be a problem with the lid switch, motor coupling, drive belt or something esle all of which require disassembly. This is the time you call us at Appliance Repair Wichita.

  • Washing Machine Not Starting

    If a washer won't begin its cycle or isn't spinning properly, you might have simply overloaded it or failed to shut the door completely. Try to balance the load and restart the cycle.

  • Washer Has A Bad Smell

    Washing machines collect mold and mildew that can put that same bad smell on your clothes. To get rid of the odor wipe down the door seals with soap.

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