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Nearly all of us will agree to the fact that an oven is one of those convenient appliances a modern kitchen simply can't do without. Nonetheless, just like many other appliances within your household, your oven is certainly prone to wear and tear and a host of other issues that will be in need of our professional oven repair services.

Are you having trouble baking due to problems with your oven? Maybe the temptation to repair it all by yourself is very high. You believe that it’s just a simple appliance problem that you can handle without professional help. Well, it is not always the case. You need an expert to ensure the oven can last a lifetime once it is repaired giving you continuous services. Give us a call (316) 512-3434 and you'll be cooking amazing dinners again in no time.

Tips To Maintain Your Oven

Check out our DIY oven repair solutions. If you need our assistance call (316) 512-3434.

  • Oven Won't Turn On

    If the burner does not light, check that the main gas shut off valve is in the ‘ON’ position. (It’s usually located behind the oven.) Some ovens require the clock to be set in order to start—ensure your clock is set and then try turning it on again.

  • Pre-Heating Take A Long Time

    Be sure you are waiting long enough—it can take from 15 to 20 minutes to heat the oven to 350°F. Keep the door closed during preheat to minimize the time required. If your oven has a hidden heat element (where the heating element is hidden under the floor of the oven), it may take longer to preheat.

  • Temp Won't Go Above 287°

    The maximum allowed oven temperature is usually 550°F or 287°C. If you cannot select a temperature above 287°, it’s likely that your oven’s display controls are likely set to Celsius rather than Fahrenheit. Check your owner’s manual for instructions on changing the controls to Fahrenheit.

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